Wenum & Associates - What We Do For the Hiring Employer

Sabrina is THE best recruiter in healthcare technology! I’ve had the pleasure to partner with Sabrina for over two decades. Sabrina has recruited many sales and account management professionals on my behalf. ...

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Tim Herlehy


Hiring the right candidate is an integral part of making - and keeping - a company successful. At Wenum & Associates we can provide you with a proven strategy to quickly find the right candidates for your organization.

We will perform an assessment of you and your company so that we can develop a good understanding of the organization, its policies, and any factors that may play a role in the effort to find the right candidate. From here, we will develop a clear path for the position for which you are creating and/or hiring for. We will help you create the job description, complete with all the relevant services and skills needed that are specific to the position. Once this step is completed and the job description and details are in place, we will help you identify the best potential candidates based on your expressed needs.

Through multi-channel advertising, extensive networking and utilization of targeted databases, we will identify a pool of qualified candidates who show the greatest potential to fit within the culture of your organization. Once they have passed our initial screening process and are considered a satisfactory candidate, we will conduct in-depth interviews with each of the first round candidates to pre-qualify them before presenting them to you for consideration.

After we have screened, interviewed and narrowed down the potential candidates for you, we then provide a summary of only those top candidates whom we feel have the utmost potential. Your Wenum & Associates team will actively participate in the hiring process, managing expectations you have asked of them, and acting as a liaison between you and the candidate to ensure both parties are getting all the information needed and more.

By allowing Wenum & Associates to recruit for your company, you will be able to identify and hire highly qualified candidates at a much faster rate than if you were to attempt this internally. With an approximate 90% success rate, Wenum & Associates can confidently state that we will relieve you of the headache and time it takes to recruit and build your team while providing you peace of mind, knowing your company is achieving the highest results. (See Recruiting Excellence)