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Pursuing a new career is one of the most important decisions you as a searching candidate will make in your lifetime and should be handled accordingly. You will want to work with a seasoned professional that has a great deal of experience in your industry and field of expertise.  Unlike many search firms, Wenum and Associates takes the time to really get to know our candidates.  We believe we are only truly successful if we create a win/win scenario for both our client companies and searching candidates.  That means we are looking for the right chemistry between company and candidate. To this end, our goal is to present you only the best opportunities so you can make the right career move with the right company for the right reasons.  Once we have successfully placed you, we will continue to work very hard on your behalf to make sure your transition is smooth and successful.

Here’s what Wenum & Associates will do for you:

  • Identify career opportunities not publicly advertised
  • Provide professional career guidance
  • Update your resume for the highest impact possible
  • Enhance your interview skills

Awareness of hushed opportunities
The professionals at Wenum & Associates can increase your access to new and previously unknown opportunities. Most companies hire recruitment firms for the simple fact that they do not have the proper resources to conduct successful searches themselves, and prefer the professionalism and expertise recruiters bring to the process. The employer wants to devote time to interviewing only the most qualified candidates and avoid applicants without the required experience.

Through our vast network of resources in the HCIT vertical, we have access to many opportunities that are not published.  Many of the opportunities are exclusive searches meaning the hiring company has contracted with us exclusively to identify and present only the highest quality candidates to them. It is through long term, successful placements that we have earned the reputation that allows us to be trusted with these exclusive and hushed opportunities.

Career guidance
Working with one of our professional recruiters can make a huge impact on your ability to meet and exceed your career expectations. Through a thorough understanding of the hiring company’s culture, strategic goals, and position requirements, we will make sure the position you are being considered for is a good fit for you.  By eliminating job positions that differ from your needs or skills, we will save you a lot of time and frustration. We will also review your performance throughout the entire process, utilizing this information to continually guide you through your search.

Updating your resume
After we have identified you as a qualified candidate, we will coach you throughout the job pursuing process, beginning with the resume. Whether we have to completely recreate your resume from scratch or merely update it, we will work with you and your information to highlight your expertise and career achievements relevant to the position for which we are preparing you.

Interview Preparation
Once an interview is scheduled, we will work with you to enhance your interviewing skills, ensuring you are fully prepared. We start by identifying the person conducting the interview, and preparing a personality profile of that individual. We will also pinpoint aspects of your experience that you need to highlight as well as prepare you for dealing with any tough questions. As a Wenum & Associates candidate you will be far more prepared because with our resources we take the time to discover relevant details beyond the information found on a company’s website. Such information may include why the position for which you are interviewing is being created or filled, and what impacts have affected the department in which you are being considered as well as facts about the employee, who previously held the position. We will ensure that you are more than prepared to have a successful interview.