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Sabrina is THE best recruiter in healthcare technology! I’ve had the pleasure to partner with Sabrina for over two decades. Sabrina has recruited many sales and account management professionals on my behalf. ...

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Tim Herlehy

Pursuing a new career is one of the most important decisions you as a searching candidate will make in your lifetime and should be handled accordingly. You will want to work with a seasoned professional that has a great deal of experience in your industry and field of expertise.  Unlike many search firms, Wenum and Associates takes the time to really get to know our candidates.  We believe we are only truly successful if we create a win/win scenario for both our client companies and searching candidates.  That means we are looking for the right chemistry between company and candidate. To this end, our goal is to present you only the best opportunities so you can make the right career move with the right company for the right reasons.  Once we have successfully placed you, we will continue to work very hard on your behalf to make sure your transition is smooth and successful.

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Hiring the right candidate is an integral part of making - and keeping - a company successful. At Wenum & Associates we can provide you with a proven strategy to quickly find the right candidates for your organization.

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When a hiring company is looking to fill a position, they generally have two choices: fill the position themselves or outsource the hiring function to a recruiter. As many companies have found, self performing a search and finding the right candidate can be extremely time consuming and often the results are less than ideal.  For this and other reasons, many companies prefer to outsource the hiring process to a professional recruiting firm.

Hiring companies generally have two options when engaging a recruiting firm:


In a retained search, the hiring company pays the recruiter an upfront fee and generally works with the recruiting firm exclusively.  An in-depth understanding of the client and position responsibilities is absolutely essential.

This type of search is generally used when:

  • The position is higher level and critical to the organization
  • The salary for the position is high, generally over $150k
  • The pool of qualified candidates is extremely limited and these candidates possess very specific skills sets
  • The quality of the candidates is more important than quantity or speed of placement
  • Confidentiality of clients and candidates is important
  • Less involvement from HR and general management is preferred during the hiring process


In a contingency search, the hiring company pays the recruiter only when the position is filled and there may be multiple recruiters working on the same search.

This type of search is generally used when:

  • The position is lower level and not as critical to the organization
  • The salary is generally below $150k
  • There are multiple roles being filled
  • Speed is a priority when filling the position
  • More involvement for HR and general management during the hiring process


If you are unsure which type of search is right for you, please contact us for a free consultation. Wenum & Associates has the expertise to help you make the right decision. (See Recruiting Excellence)