Recruiting Excellence

Sabrina redefines the recruiter role...she cares about the outcome of what her placement's impact has on BOTH the person and the company. She takes incredible pride that her client's personal success is based on the right match of many complicated factors versus the typical hit-and-miss, see-what-sticks approach of many recruiting firms. ...

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Kelly Tillman

Open Positions

At Wenum & Associates we have successfully built a reputation for developing and maintaining close and professional relationships with our clients, resulting in a partnership encompassed by sincerity and trust. Once you partner with Wenum & Associates to build and grow your team we will continue to help you with your staffing and recruiting needs, proving that we never consider our job to be done.

Throughout the recruiting process we provide our candidates and clients with unprecedented professionalism. Many of our long-term clients have relied upon on us for more than a decade to identify and recruit the most qualified candidates. At Wenum & Associates, we want to foster the same kind of lasting committed relationship with you. (See Testimonials)

Our highly recognized presence in the provider, payer and vendor markets of the healthcare sector enables us to promptly acquire qualified candidates for our clients in various roles such as sales, management, operations, account management, professional services, implementation, pre and post sales, and many others. These roles help sell, implement and support various applications in the healthcare IT market such as ERP,CRM,EPM,BPO,HIE,HIX, case & disease management, professional services, claims adjudication, revenue cycle, HC informatics, imaging, EMR, EHR, integration technologies and applications. We represent small start-up organizations with the same professionalism and passion as we do our Fortune 100 clients.

Our objective at Wenum & Associates is to recognize and provide the greatest quality HCIT professionals to our client companies.  Our time tested recruiting system has been developed through years of experience working with both hiring companies and potential candidates. This proprietary system utilizes an extensive array of tools such as client/candidate questionnaires, in depth interviewing and historical success criteria to ensure a great fit for both our hiring company and potential candidate. This system enables us to assist in the growth of organizations and improve their hiring processes by locating the most qualified candidates faster and more efficiently than others. For the candidate, it helps to ensure the greater likelihood of a successful, long-term career fit.